A Palestinian State

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The much anticipated challenge to the existing world order is already underway. That train has already made several stops in Europe and Africa. Now, it is in the Middle East. Many are of the opinion that this stop has the potential of starting a regional, if not a world war. Unlike its predecessors, the recent attack from Gaza has the unmistakable depth of a strategic power move. The presence of a US and UK armadas in the eastern Mediterranean confirms the gravity of the situation.

Israel was quick in its attempts to demonize the Palestinians and to generate international support for an all-out war on the Palestinians and their cause. Palestinians are just like any other people in this world. What distinguishes them and gives them their modern character is their quest to live freely on their historic lands. Since 2007, Gazans have been living under a siege not seen anywhere else on the planet. Few days ago, only one decision had the power to deprive Gaza's 2.3 million residents of electricity, water, food and medicine!

Now, 1.1 million residents of the isolated city are "advised" that they have only 24 hours to evacuate their homes and neighborhoods or be subject to the same intense bombardment usually reserved for combatants. All the signs indicate that the civilian suffering in Gaza is gaining unprecedented intensity.

No one really expects the world to sit back and watch this injustice with detachment and ambivalence. This level of violence is certain to cause a massive disruption in the Middle East. The rational and honorable course of action is to justly resolve the Palestinian crisis. The one practical solution that is universally accepted is the establishment of a sovereign and viable state for the Palestinians on their historic land. This solution is far superior to the logic of force and violence.

Khaled Soubani

Khaled Soubani

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