Votes = Rights

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Attacks on the US Supreme Court are unwise, misplaced and endanger the country's democracy, reputation and prosperity.

Recent Supreme Court rulings--and concern for over rulings--have sparked an overwhelming wave of attacks on the courts. My position is that these attcks will not result in the desired outcome. Only deeper division and polarization.

It seems that people should be constantly reminded of the Judicial Branch's significance for the country's democracy. It is not rational to crucify the justices and erect tall fences around the Supreme Court's building with every ruling that is not exactly popular. When you have a constituion and complex laws you have to have a reliable, specialized court to resolve disputes. Without this court, there won't be any agreement and democracy would definitely be finished.

The United States is the leader of the free world. Projecting an image of chaos, confusion and doubt cannot possibly push this leadership forward. As we have seen so many times, it is possible for people to be extremely focused on an issue to loose sight of how the country is perceived abroad. The US's leadership is now being challenged by completely undemocratic powers. These powers actively seek to discredit and damage democracy everywhere.

The world continues to willingly base their currencies on the US dollar. The world continues to voluntarily use the US dollar in large transactions even when the US is neither a buyer nor a seller. The world continues to pour billions of dollars in the US economy daily. Central to all of these significant activities is trust in the US government and the deeply rooted confidence that the US has reliable courts that will treat any disputes concerning their wealth impartially.

The threat to the civil rights of US citizens is what is troubling society right now. The proper place for debate and action on these rights is the Legislative Branch--Congress and not the Supreme Court. This is where the laws are made. We have Representatives and Senators who are democratically elected for this monumental task. Your votes select and guide lawmakers. If you are passionate about your rights, then direct all your passion to what pushes your rights forward. Elect lawmakers who share your ambitions and passion, and work with them in order to preserve your rights.

Khaled Soubani

Khaled Soubani

My name is Khaled Soubani. I have studied Telecommunications at Michigan State University. I have professional experience in Information Technology and Corporate Communications.
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