Unity is Power

The nation-state model is increasingly in need of shoring-up. The resurgence of empire mentality and capabilities heightens the need for the establishment of political, economic and defense unions of sovereign states. As a result of the success of the European Union, and as a result of the current standoff with Russian imperialistic aspirations, the EU is experiencing a huge rise in popularity among Europeans and prestige worldwide. All of this is attracting attention to the necessity and possibility of the formation of an Asia-Pacific union. A world consisting of sovereign states joined in large successful unions will halt dangerous destabilization in the future.

In the Asia-Pacific region, it is possible to quickly build on existing efforts and experiences. There are three major ongoing efforts that are directly related to the region. Five Eyes, AUKUS and Quad (or FAQ) form a convincing nucleus for a strong union that countries in the region would be willing to join. The wealth of experience and good will among the nations of these initiatives will guarantee the union’s popularity. The Asia-Pacific region has great potential to achieve prosperity and security to a very large segment of the world’s population.

If you have a vision of a future world that is built upon the proven ideals of liberal democracy, then strong political, economic and defense unions of sovereign nation-states is the way.

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Khaled Soubani

Khaled Soubani

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