Gaza Attacks

Photo by Nathalie ANDRE / Unsplash

The al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem is a significant part of the Islamic faith. Any attack on the al-Aqsa forces the world's 1.5 Billion Muslims to rise to its aid. Each and every Muslim is then obligated to defend it. The Israelis have never demonstrated any true appreciation for this known simple fact. In gaza, on the other hand, they understand the obvious very well. Subjected to an unjust blockade for decades, it was never difficult for them to present themselves as the real protectors of the holy mosque.

For more than 16 years now, the Gazans are not only under occupation but also subject to the only siege of its kind in the world. Even the Palestinians living in the West Bank lead a freer life in comparison. By isolating and bombarding Gaza over the years, Israel has created its worst enemy. It gave every resident of Gaza a purpose and a mission. It gave them all the time in the world to think, organize, prepare and train for a pay-back moment.

Gaza with its limited capabilities has now demonstrated to those 1.5 Billion Muslims that is possible to defend their mosque and their religion. Right now, the residents of Gaza are the undisputed defenders of the faith. Muslims around the globe have no choice but to admire and support their cause. Committing additional attrocities against them would be foolish and counterproductive.

Islam is the religion of compassion and forgiveness. It is the religion of truth and justice. Using the logic of force against the religion is a provocation that should never be attempted.

Khaled Soubani

Khaled Soubani

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