Liberty for All

The situation in Ukraine is serious enough to be worthy of your attention. It is also simple to understand despite all the misinformation that surrounds it.

1. It is a choice between the will of the Ukrainian people to decide their future on the one hand, and the logic of military power that permits one country to dictate its will on another. Which one do you prefer?

2. It is also a choice between free democratic rule on the one hand, and authoritarian rule on the other. Which one do you prefer?

You might have friends, relatives, partners or acquaintances in the region, but the cold fact remains that preparation for the invasion of a sovereign country was detected as early as November 2021.

The West's emergence as the world's dominant power after the cold war of the 20th century is now being challenged by Russia and China. The more disruption they cause, the more they gain. So, make your choice for what you believe to be right and honorable, and carry on.

Khaled Soubani

Khaled Soubani

My name is Khaled Soubani. I have studied Telecommunications at Michigan State University. I have professional experience in Information Technology and Corporate Communications.
United States of America